Registered Nurse

Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Job Description

This position is responsible for performing secretarial, clerical, communication, customer service, basic medical terminology, Front Office Oncology scheduling, interacting directly with the Oncologists and clinical oncology staff. Personnel in this position must understand and operate information systems software including, but not limited to Scheduling, One Content and Fax system. This position is also be responsible for exercising professional judgment while performing services in a demeanor complimentary to customer service and medical ethics.

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A. Interacts with the public in a pleasant, positive and courteous manner. B. Answers the telephone politely and efficiently. C. Able to provide precise clerical assistance to customers, physicians, clinical coworkers and supervisors. D. Demonstrates ability to handle emergency situations in a prompt, precise and professional manner. E. Able to successfully operate office equipment and perform data entry tasks. F. Able to accomplish several tasks at a time. G. Has a grasp of root words in medical terminology. Advance customer service skills such as surveying, and questionnaires. H. Able to work well under pressure of deadlines. I. Able to successfully interact with computers making use of software programs, data entry, archival and retrieval applications. J. Able to demonstrate the understanding of continuum of care, customer recovery, and advanced customer service. K. General knowledge of oncology medical records.

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