Registered Nurse

Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Job Description

This position is responsible for working directly with patients and assisting radiologist and/or staff physicians while administering x-rays to provide diagnostic and/or interventional/therapeutic radiologic exams. The vascular technologist must be capable of operating radiologic equipment, using the picture achieving computer system, preparing exam room, equipment, supplies, and contrast, and provides patient services using imaging modalities. This position is responsible for performing a variety of dependent and basic secretarial, clerical and housekeeping functions such as customer service, examination and work area cleaning, telephone communications, computer system data entry, information retrieval, (HIS, RIS, PACs), and infection control. Vascular Technologist exercise professional judgement while performing services in a demeanor complimentary to customer service, age specific criteria, safety and medical ethics.

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Must be able to perform a variety of radiologic, vascular, interventional and therapeutic procedures with high regard for patient care, patient safety, and quality of work. Must demonstrate ability to provide basic patient care as related to Radiology. Must possess good human relations skills (i.e. patience and tactfulness).

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Dayshift + Call

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